fine handcrafted guitars

Each RS Muth guitar is custom built to suit your tonal preferences and playing style, while still possessing my signature sound. My guitars are hand built one at a time with only the finest materials using well thought out designs. I have invested a lot of time in developing the models I offer to optimize tone and playability while maintaining aesthetic sensibility. New designs are only offered once I am satisfied with their sound.

In building a guitar, the needs of the player and the properties of each individual piece of wood are very carefully considered. Thus each piece of wood is evaluated according to its weight, stiffness across the grain and along the grain, and by how well it "speaks" (resonance and velocity of sound). There are many ways of gathering this information and every builder has their own approach. Not only do I use a combination of analytical methods such as: deflection testing, Chladni (glitter) patterns and a scale (balance), I also tap and scratch with my fingers to get a qualitative assessment of how easily the soundboard "speaks." For me it is a very holistic process. By using these techniques I can build a guitar to give my customers the sound they are looking for.

As a builder I believe things are often greater than the sum of their parts, gestalt so to speak. It is very magical when this happens. This is a very important part of how I approach guitar building. The sound of a guitar can be analytically described in such terms as balance, projection, volume, sustain, clarity, separation, response, etc. However when all of these come together in the right combination, it just has that something extra that can't be explained. Like great music.

My goal is to create instruments that have that intangible something extra that makes you want to pick it up and never put it down.


Innovation or Tradition?
Why a Custom Built Guitar?