fine handcrafted guitars

“This guitar is a delight to play. It’s response is quick and snappy, the sound is broad and the dynamic range wide and even. Randy set the action low enough for my lazy hands but high enough to bring out what the guitar can do. A winner.”

- Kinloch Nelson

“well, your guitar caused an uproar at the open mic tonight.... I mean, literally, people were standing in is absolutely the BEST sounding guitar I have EVER heard on stage, it just ROCKS, and everyone agreed on that...”

“I fully expected once I got it home to have that slight slump after being so excited about a new thing the reality not living up to how I imagined it...but NO SUCH THING happened...not even a little!! In fact, the guitar is even more wonderful than I could have just is exactly the right size, feel, sound, everything, it seems like it plays itself...I LOVE it!!!!!!!”

- Lisa Bigwood

“Randy's guitars are a mix of traditional techniques mixed with some of his own forward thinking ideas. The fit and finish on his guitars is as fine as any I've seen. If there is anyone better I want to see it. His sound is very complex and dimensional with a unique quality I can only describe as built in acoustic reverb! You really need to play a Muth to see what you're missing out on.”

- John Reynolds

“This guitar has a beautiful balance, rich bass and warm treble, and I absolutely love that it is so fingerpicking friendly. So expressive!”

- John Kirk

“Randy - It was great finally meeting you at the Woodstock show Saturday. This was a roomful of world class builders and players who knew what they were looking for, and it was nice to see the crowds around your booth and the obvious recognition your work is getting. I've been playing the Cuban/Lutz S15 for a year and a half now and it's still a gas every time I open the case. The instrument is so nuanced that I can pull out sounds that are just not available in other guitars, and every note has depth, development, clarity and sustains forever. The new prototype, by the way, is ridiculously good! Hope to stay in touch and I'll definitely be keeping track of the great things you're doing.”

- Robert Schwartz

“Hi Randy, I wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying my guitar. The weekend I got it at ski camp I wasn't able to play it because (you may have heard) I was sick all weekend. Now that I've had almost 2 weeks I can say its a joy to play. I'm just beginning to discover what this guitar has to offer and every day I feel like I'm improving. I'll keep you posted. My friend Anson, an accomplished player regrets playing it. He has a rule not to play other’s guitars so he pines for another. He has hearing issues, but was impressed with how well he could hear it.”

- Everett Brown

“This is an awesome instrument, both to look at and to play. Very articulate with great clarity and definition. The voice has an interesting, kind of reverb quality, very resonant. Highest quality materials and workmanship throughout. The ergonomics of this guitar are right on, as comfortable as a special custom fit suit. The set-up work is perfect with excellent playability! I have accumulated, over the years, many carefully hand-picked guitars and this one must be right among the very few choicest. The fact that the design is something off the usual menu makes it that much more attractive and interesting. Good work, I think you are onto something Randy. The enclosed letter is a nice personal touch, too. ”

- George Linhart